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2013 camaro ss 0-60

Posted in car and truck review by dimazgyba on December 31, 2013

2013 camaro ss 0-60 There are some things about the ’80s that aren’t worthy of nostalgia. The era’s pony cars, by and large, fall under this umbrella. It’s true that Ford has the five-point-oh—a designation fairly soaked in Aqua Net, yet perhaps the only thing about the decade’s Stangs worth revisiting—but when it named its latest track-oriented model, it resurrected “Boss.” First appearing in 1969, Boss is cool. It’s a little intimidating, and it’s also Bruce Springsteen’s nickname. It sounds bad-ass. Chevrolet’s 1LE? For the 17 people who were paying attention in 1988, it conjures memories of an option bundle that only made that year’s Camaro less bad. To the rest of us, it sounds like three randomly selected characters.

2013 camaro ss 0-60 see review here it still seems as though the designation had been plucked from an alphanumeric bingo bucket, 1LE has new significance for 2013 as an option package for manual-transmission Camaro SS models. It brings a host of upgrades ported from or inspired by the mighty ZL1. The pieces that make the most difference fall into the latter category, however, including the front anti-roll-bar mounting setup, 10-by-20-inch front wheels and 11-by-20-inch rears, and beefier half-shafts. The equipment pilfered directly from the ZL1 includes wheel bearings, toe links, rear shock mounts, the fuel pump, the flat-bottom steering wheel, the short-throw six-speed manual and its transmission cooler, and 285/35-20 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G: 2 tires all around (the ZL1 gets 305/35-20 rubber at the rear). The beefy wheel-and-tire combo actually saves a total of 22 pounds of unsprung weight.


scams on Gumtree: Criminals use site to target consumers

Posted in tips by dimazgyba on December 30, 2013
  • Criminals are using Gumtree to target consumers, it has been revealed
  • Site does not require users to register or provide their name and address
  • This means fraudsters can remain anonymous while preying on victims
  • Comes after young mother tried to sell her four-month-old baby online

Police receive 250 crime and fraud allegations a week connected to the online ‘small ads’ service Gumtree.

After a young mother tried to sell her four-month-old baby on the website, it has now emerged that criminals are using Gumtree to target consumers.

Many people turned to the site to find bargain Christmas presents and January is expected to see a surge in people using it to sell unwanted gifts.

Criminal activity: Police receive 250 calls a week about scams on Gumtree, it has been revealed (file picture)Criminal activity: Police receive 250 calls a week about scams on Gumtree, it has been revealed (file picture)


But there are concerns that eBay-owned Gumtree does not require users to register or provide their name and address, allowing fraudsters to remain anonymous while preying on innocent victims.



It was revealed in Saturday’s Daily Mail that a 20-year-old woman had tried to sell her son on Gumtree for £150,000. But growing evidence from court cases and police reports shows criminals use the site to:

  • Turn stolen items into cash
  • Target people for robbery if they are selling high value items
  • Tempt people to locations to buy or sell things, then rob them
  • Con people into paying via bank transfer but never deliver items
  • Trick people into paying rent deposits on flats which do not belong to them
  • Find vulnerable women to sexually assault
How the fraudsters target victimsHow the fraudsters target victims


The company reports such crimes to the National Fraud Authority, which generates a crime reference number.

But Gumtree then uses the Data Protection Act to refuse to provide the victim with any details.


In theory, the National Fraud Authority vets the reports and passes details to police for investigation. But three in four victims never hear from the police.

Shocking: Saturday's Daily Mail revealed a woman had tried to sell her son on Gumtree for £150,000Shocking: Saturday’s Daily Mail revealed a woman had tried to sell her son on Gumtree for £150,000


The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau said there were 19,530 reports of fraud and cyber-crime in October alone.

More than one in 20, 997, had a link to Gumtree – 249 a week or 32 a day. The more widely used eBay had a connection to 1,483 cases – almost 50 a day.

But eBay guarantees customers will get their goods or money back when there is a fraud. There is no such protection for Gumtree users.

‘It’s not enough for these websites to say “it wasn’t me” when things go wrong’

– Gillian Guy

Citizens Advice called for Gumtree to require all users to set up accounts with verifiable names and addresses to combat the crimewave.

Gillian Guy, of the charity, said: ‘It’s not enough for these websites to say “it wasn’t me” when things go wrong. Online marketplaces need to take more responsibility for what goes on in their name, by being more transparent and strengthening protections for consumers.’

Gumtree said the safety of its users is a ‘top priority’, but a spokesman added: ‘As with any form of classifieds listing… it is impossible to prevent crime completely.’

The firm claimed the number of fraud cases is less than half the 249 a week suggested by police figures.


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2014 toyota tacoma release date and revised pricing this week

Posted in car and truck review by dimazgyba on November 22, 2013

the best-selling Tacoma line actually has some meaningful interior tech for the new model year. toyota announced the 2014 Toyota Tacoma release date and pricing this weeks.

2014 toyota tacoma release date big exterior news is the availability of a new SR Package, which upgrades the cheapest Tacoma PreRunner and 4×4 Access Cab with body-color bumpers, wheel arches and fog lights on the V-6 models. The SR package also brings body-color door handles, mirrors and other trim pieces that are typically black plastic on the cheaper Tacoma versions.

The headlights are also dark tinted on the SR, and the three levels of TRD Sport and TRD Off-road are still worthwhile additions for extra off-road potential.

The Double cab convenience package is also necessary for keyless entry and a sliding back window.

The very cool Baja trim package is not on the official price books for 2014, but this exact Baja Tacoma can be built with TRD aftermarket accessories.

2014 toyota tacoma release date this week Interior

dashboard 2014 toyota tacoma release date pricing and latest specs 2014 toyota tacoma release date

dashboard 2014 toyota tacoma release date pricing and latest specs

interior 2014 toyota tacoma release date pricing and latest specs 8 2014 toyota tacoma release date

interior 2014 toyota tacoma release date pricing and latest specs (more…)

hyundai veloster turbo 0-60 and quarter mile times

Posted in car and truck review by dimazgyba on November 16, 2013
Hyundai Veloster 0 to 60 mph and Quarter Mile Times
2012 Hyundai Veloster (Auto)    0-60 mph 9.0    Quarter Mile 16.8
2012 Hyundai Veloster (Manual)    0-60 mph 8.4    Quarter Mile 16.5
2012 Hyundai Veloster (Dual-Clutch Transmission – DCT)    0-60 mph 9.0    Quarter Mile 16.8
2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo    0-60 mph 6.8    Quarter Mile 15.0

The Hyundai Veloster Turbo will ultimately be compared with the likes of Volkswagen Polo and Golf GTI, upcoming Peugeot 208 GTi as well as the Renault Clio RS. That’s a tough battle as it is, without mentioning the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ twins or the legendary Subaru WRX, Mazda3 MPS and to an extent the Honda CR-Z, which are all in a relatively similar price bracket. So what makes this Korean hot-hatch any better than its incredibly refined and established competitors?

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo rear left side view hyundai veloster turbo 0 60

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo rear left side view

hyundai veloster turbo 0-60 with New engine, same suspension

Even before turning a single wheel in the hyundai veloster turbo 0-60, however, our expectations met harsh reality again this summer when product planners at Hyundai’s U.S. headquarters revealed that the damping, the spring rates, and the bushings were all left unchanged for the Turbo. We had been hoping for a more mature setup — something with the suppleness and sophistication of a Volkswagen GTI. Instead, the Turbo suffers the same busy, stiff-legged ride over cracks and heaves as the base car.

Hyundai did address the Veloster’s lackluster steering with a rack that is imperceptibly quicker and a power-assist calibration that is noticeably heavier. It’s a significant step in the right direction, although there’s still room for improvement in on-center responsiveness and feel. Weight remains commendably low at less than 2900 pounds and the car corners with good body control and a sense of stability. If the pavement is sufficiently smooth, you can find joy in stringing together a series of bends, but the Veloster lacks the composure of its competitors in the most demanding conditions hyundai veloster turbo 0-60.

see full review hyundai veloster turbo 0-60 here

Review and spec 2014 Aston Martin Rapide

Posted in car and truck review by dimazgyba on October 4, 2013

2014 aston martin rapide

Ones with a surprisingly communicative driving experience crossed with a higher maturity level than anything from Ferrari or Lamborghini. And that’s what you get in the 2014 Aston Martin Rapide S —with four doors. Even before you climb in and start the engine, ‘savagely beautiful’ is one of the best ways to sum up the look and feel of the Rapide. The smooth, swept-back silhouette has the proportions of a true sports car—meaning that its hood is long, with the cabin hunkered back just ahead of the rear wheels. This year’s changes actually serve to enhance that look. Aston’s added a larger grille that moves rearward in a controlled fashion as part of those pedestrian impacts (or others, we imagine); yet with new aero work and a new rear lip spoiler, plus new wheels and a few other changes, the Rapide S looks more serious. Unlike the Porsche Panamera Turbo S, which the 2014 Aston martin Rapide S is probably most immediately going to be compared to, the Rapide S hasn’t sacrificed its shape or its sports-car roofline for the sake of back-seat space. And while the Panamera Turbo S offers more straight-line performance, the Rapide offers more sensory delights—from the baritone song of its naturally aspirated 5.9-liter V-12. With no turbochargers, no direct injection, and a redline over 7,000 rpm, this engine builds to a frenzy as you rev it, and there’s something more rewarding about it than the all-the-time torque from competing turbos—even if it’s not quite as fast by the numbers. That engine—through a number of improvements—now makes 550 horsepower (and 457 pound-feet of torque) for 2014, enabling 0-60 mph times of 4.7 seconds and a 190-mph top speed. The ZF six-speed automatic and solid column-mounted paddle-shifters allow good manual control with very quick but well-isolated shifts. Meanwhile, a multi-mode damping system now has three settings, including a Track mode; and with the Track mode in the stability control system, as well as the Sport mode for the powertrain (permitting sharper tip-in, delayed shifts, and a glorious exhaust bypass), this car’s now begging for a little weekend track time now and then. Meanwhile the interior is more refined than ever. Comfortable yet firm racing-style seats envelop you as you settle into a rather upright, well-supported driving position, and the front and rear frameless ‘swan’ doors open upward at a slight angle, saving you from curb scratches; meanwhile the windows zip up or down to set a tight cabin seal. As for those two back seats, they’re only for smaller passengers, for short trips across town, perhaps, but they may come in handy. As a five-door fastback, actually, a long hatch opens to expose what’s actually a decent cargo space, with a flip-up divider good for keeping items from rolling around. With its unique, race-derived bonded-and-riveted structure, the Rapide is derived from the same underpinnings as the DB9 and Vanquish. Body panels remain a mix of steel and aluminum. But this year, compared to the previous Rapide, Aston Martin has gone through the car and made all sorts of structural and chassis refinements. By modern-car standards, the Rapide’s instrument panel feels a little unfocused, and depending on your outlook it may feel either charming or frustrating. You shift from Park to Drive, Reverse, and such with large elevator-style buttons across the dash. And while the navigation system has a beautiful, high-contrast screen, making selections involves looking down to the list of buttons first, to press one (‘nav,’ for instance) before you rotate through the menu. Switchgear feels good, on the other hand, and fit and finish are far better than in Astons of the not-so-distant past. To extrapolate a bit, the Rapide S is even closer to what it promises: an exclusive classic touring-car design with quintessentially British styling, and the driving experience of a sports car. see full review here

BMW revealed the 2013 BMW X5 EDrive Concept ahead

Posted in affordable small car by dimazgyba on September 20, 2013

on its public debut This BMW 2013 BMW X5 EDrive developed plug-in hybrid powertrain looks quite promising: it maintains the xDrive AWD system’s torque split ability to all four wheels even when running in hybrid or full electric mode.

2013 BMW X5 EDrive

The looks of the X5 eDrive concept are quite masculine and performance-focused, in contrast to the most likely buyers of fuel-sipping family cars. More of the original X5’s broad stance is visible in these press images, showing off the shrouded and super-aerodynamic 21-inch wheels front and rear. The spiffy performance tires and wheel setup is quite unusual for an economy-focused model of any kind, but they certainly help the BMW X5 eDrive look cooler and even more unique than the previous X5 M.

The X5 eDrive mirrors some of the more interesting elements of the BMW i range, including the blue-tinted chrome accents to the grille bar and blue accent lines in the lower bumpers. A blue-trimmed charge port door is prominently mounted on the front fender – looking quite nice with the fender vent of this concept. (more…)

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2013 Elantra GT Hatchback Interior Safety Reliability

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The 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT hatchback has standard antilock brakes and stability control. Also standard are front side airbags, side curtain airbags and a driver knee airbag, this feature a first for the Elantra lineup. Also included is Hyundai BlueLink, which includes automatic crash notification, on-demand roadside assistance, remote door unlock, stolen vehicle tracking and vehicle alarm notification.

interior 2013 hyundai Elantra

In government crash testing, the 2013 hyundai Elantra GT hatchback earned a top five-star rating for overall crash protection. four stars being awarded for frontal impact protection and five stars for side-impact protection. (more…)

2014 gmc sierra edmunds review redesigned and now come with an improved 4.3-liter V-6 as the entry-level engine

Posted in car and truck review by dimazgyba on July 6, 2013

2014 gmc sierra

this 2014 gmc sierra is the latest pickup and truck release by GMC. now came with question 2014 GMC Sierra Is the Best GMC Truck Ever Made Good Enough? acording to 2014 gmc sierra edmund review Side-by-side, we feel the 2014 gmc Sierra is the more attractive of General Motors’ two pickups.

We’ve got a bright aluminum Airstream camper hitched to our rear bumper as we head up Southern California’s coast because GMC says that 60 percent of all full-size pickup owners will use their trucks for towing. 

Rather than forcing us to absorb its capabilities in a long-winded PowerPoint presentation, the automaker brought us to Los Angeles and handed us the keys to its all-new 2014 GMC Sierra 1500. After jumping behind the wheel of a 5.3-liter V8 model, we drove up the foggy Malibu coast (locals call the soggy early-summer weather “June Gloom”) and made our way to the Camarillo Airport for a towing refresher. Once completed, a brand-new 23-foot Airstream was hitched to our aft end and we were pointed towards a campground just west of Santa Barbara.

The luxury RV would serve as our “glamping” base for the next couple of days and the Sierra would be our transportation as we explored the surrounding coastline. It was a unique look at the automaker’s truck, and it offered us plenty of fresh insight for our first drive of the newest 2014 GMC sierra.

GMC is able to brag that the aluminum surround on the center stack is real aluminum – yet the wood and chrome are still plastic. Don’t expect the interior of the Sierra to be a great departure from the Silverado either, even though the GMC is decidedly more upscale and premium in materials. Both share the same basic layout, steering wheel, console, dual passenger storage compartments and power ports. However, the GMC is able to brag that the aluminum surround on the center stack is real aluminum – yet the wood and chrome are still plastic. With the exception of some badging and unique upholsteries, they are almost twins.

GMC currently offers its Sierra in two body styles (crew cab/short box and crew cab/long box), but it will add three more later this summer (regular cab/standard box, regular cab/long box and double cab/standard box) bringing the total to five body styles. There are also three different trim levels (Sierra, SLE and SLT).

In addition, consumers are offered three different engine choices. Each is a member of GMC’s new EcoTec3 family. All boast aluminum blocks, direct injection, continuously variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation – the advanced engines are all capable of switching to four-cylinder operation under light loads

The standard powerplant in the 2014 gmc Sierra and SLE is a 4.3-liter V6 (LV3) rated at 285 horsepower and 305 pound-feet of torque. The upgraded engine, optional on the Sierra and SLE trim but standard on the SLT, is a 5.3-liter V8 (L83) rated at 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. The 6.2-liter V8 (L86) rated at 420 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, will be offered on the SLT and upcoming Denali model later this fall. All three engines are mated to GM’s trusted Hydra-Matic six-speed automatic (6L80) transmission. Despite their unique displacement, the gear ratios are identical (the final drive ratio does change with the optional Max Trailering package). The standard driveline is rear-wheel drive (4×2), but four-wheel drive (4×4) is an option on all models.

Overall, we found the interior of the 2014 gmc Sierra to be a very serene place to watch the miles pass – forget all of those noisy and harsh-riding full-size pickup stereotypes. The seats were comfortable, with a multitude of controls that allow a wide variety of human frames to find their optimal driving position. Acoustically, and this was something we repeated to ourselves several times during our many stints behind the wheel, the Sierra seemed as quiet as a late-model luxury sedan (credit plenty of sound deadening, noise-absorbing fender liners and triple-seals on the doors). But even though GMC touts the interior as upscale, we still didn’t consider the choice of materials top shelf. The best way to put it: Even though GMC has clearly made an effort, the interior 2014 gmc sierra still falls far short of an equivalent $50,000 luxury sedan.

interior and photo 2014 kia forte, More Bang for Your Buck

Posted in affordable small car by dimazgyba on July 5, 2013

The 2014 Kia Forte won me over with it’s handsome looks and amazing value. I purchased the LX model with the Popular Package. The Popular Package raised the price by $1000 but provided a host of aesthetic and a few minor functional improvements that more than justified the increase. Favorite items from the package are the LED lights above the headlights and the upgrade to 16″ tires and rims. When I shop for a vehicle I aim for the best array of features at the lowest possible price in a package that has some curb appeal to me.


The exterior of 2014 kia forte is ridiculously refined looking for a car in this price class. The higher trim levels offered larger rims and additional tail LEDS as well as motorized exterior mirrors but this version captured most of the good looks of the EX model without the big price jump. The interior is not as striking aesthetically as the exterior but it is well thought out and has a couple of highlights. I was very impressed with the instrument cluster. The center digital display is very simple but it was color matched to the low tech analog displays on either side of it (tach and speedo). The end result gives a very uniform and appealing appearance. The other highlight for me was the instant mpg reading in the digital display. This is the first vehicle I have had with this item and it has immediately caused me to lessen some of the lead in my foot as I guiltily look at my mpg dropping every time I drive aggressively. This is not a performance vehicle. That is not to say that it is unpleasant. I actually enjoy driving this vehicle and I find the ride to be smooth and confident but it is not as sporty as some other vehicles in its class. This is also the first vehicle I have owned with electric steering and at this trim level I didn’t get the multiple modes mentioned in most of the reviews. The steering is starting to grow on me and I think it is a smart bit of technology but it is a bit like driving with a video game racing wheel. Some of the feedback and dynamics of hydraulic steering are just not present. In conclusion I have felt that I have gotten way more than my money’s worth. I have people compliment my vehicles looks and they are shocked at how low the price was in comparison to the features and styling. If you can afford the higher trim level and it’s multitude of additional features then go for it. If you are like me and need to limit your budget then you can’t go wrong with the LX trim but treat yourself to the features of the Popular Package.

The outside body design of 2014 kia forte is sharp with distinctive styling, particularly its tail lamps and running lights, and HID headlights. The six-speed automatic transmission works seamlessly. I am impressed by the interior 2014 kia forte styling with its soft-touch dashboard and carbon fiber pattern around the center console and the 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat with two memory positions, combined with the LCD screen with a trip computer and vehicle settings sits between the gauges, and a number of other luxury options uncommon to the compact car segment. It makes me wonder if I’m really not driving a luxury class car. I love having the Rear Display Camera when I shift the car into reverse. The car is much quieter than I have experienced in all other cars in its class. The Dual-zone automatic climate control, Flex Steering, large touch high-resolution display screen Navigation System and voice commands for most all Forte functions, and Forte’s Bluetooth pairing system make it a pleasure to drive