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Cartoon Effect – Create cartoons from your pictures.

Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on June 1, 2010

today the weather is to hot, everything make me crazy but i want to share some stuf tutorial here, glad you happy. ok lets star soon, have tou thing that create a cartoon image is hard in photoshop??? no that is very simple . here we go

Original Image (click to enlarge) Cartoon Effect (click to enlarge)

Step1: Open up Photoshop and create a new image Width: 640, Height: 480 pixels. This will change depending on your original image size. Copy  (Right click and Copy) and paste (CTRL+V)  the image into Photoshop. With the image pasted into Photoshop press CTRL+J to duplicate the layer. You should have three layers now the original Background layer and two of the same layers. Something like I have below

Step2: I am doing this according to the layer name above. Click on “Layer 2” and click Image Adjustments Desaturate or(SHIFT+CTRL+U)

with that effect your image should look something like my image below.

Now Duplicate “Layer 2” press CTRL+J or click on Layer Duplicate Layer… your layers should look like the image below.

Click on “Layer 2 copy 3” and invert the layer click (CTRL + I), or Image Adjustments Invert. After inverting the image change the layer Mode to Color Dodge. You can find the color dodge setting in the Layers window below.

With the Invert and Color Dodge setting your image should look something like the image below.

Step3: At this step your image should look like the screenshot above. Now still on  “Layer 2 copy 3” click on Filter Blur Gaussian Blur.

When the Gaussian Blur window comes up change the Radius to 1.5 and click ok. Your picture should look like the image below.

Step4: Now click on “layer 2” and drag it above “Layer 2 copy 3

Clicked Original Layer Dragged Layer to top

Now we need to add Gaussian Blur to “layer 2” Click Filter Blur Gaussian Blur and change the radius value between 1.5 and 2.1 and click ok. Change the layer Mode to linear burn, and your fill to 81%.

Step5: that is it.

Original Image Cartoon Effect
Need to enlarge the images to see the effect.

Well that is it, hope it came out to what you expected. I also created a video tutorial for this example. The file is a 6 MB flash file. I have the link up on the video section on the forums.

This wasnt a very good picture to use for this so I did a different picture to show you what this can do.

Posted  Image

Hope you learned somthing in this short tutorial.

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