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How to Add Social Media Share Count Widgets in WordPress

Posted in WORDPRESS by dimazgyba on July 28, 2010

Facebook like button, twitter, dig is the biggest social mediua ever known, here you can increase your trafic As social media grows and the web matures, we are seeing less and less of the simple social media buttons. Social media buttons are being replaced by the share count widgets such as tweetmeme retweet widget, digg counter, facebook share and more. In this article, we will show you how you can add different social media share count buttons in WordPress.

Grab the Original Widget

Most of the share counts are a piece of JavaScript that you must retrieve from the social media service. This article is also meant to serve as a one stop shop. You can come here to find the location for top social media services because a lot of them makes it really hard to find on their sites. The goal of this article is to avoid using as many plugins as possible, so when you are picking the type choose site: Normal.

Customizing the Codes

Because we chose the code for a Normal Site, we may need to modify it to make it compatible with WordPress. We are also going to be showing just the Compact Share Count Buttons. You can ofcourse use the codes as a guide to get different sizes.

Note: You must paste all of these codes inside a loop, most likely in your single.php file. (more…)

Sinta jojo Mulai banjir tawaran

Posted in life style by dimazgyba on July 27, 2010

keong racun, sinta & jojo download video, lyric lagu, sinta dan jojo masuk silet hari ini, sejak saat itu penyanyi lipsink youtube tersebut mulai kebanjiran penggemar dan tawaran dari label besar berdatangan, sinta jojo video keong racun boooming di youtube dan menjadi trending topic Twitter mengalahkan film film Inception yang katanya film paling cerdas tahun ini

Bahkan, karena penampilan mereka di YouTube itu LipSync, sampai ada yang niat mau masukin mereka berdua di sekolah vokal dulu. Sejauh ini, sih mereka belum bergeming. Jojo sibuk semester pendek, biar cepet jadi diplomat. Sinta lagi liburan, sambil nunggu pacarnya pulang.

bagi yang mau liat video keong racun ala sinta jojo silahkan liat dibawah ini

liat juga video lainya:
sinta jojo dokter cinta,

10 common issues you can fix with a registry hack

Posted in tips by dimazgyba on July 11, 2010

If you read any article that involves editing the registry, you will no doubt see ominous warnings telling you that you can destroy Windows and/or your applications if you edit the registry incorrectly, and that you should always make a full system backup before performing a registry modification. While these statements may be true, the fact remains that there are things that you can do by editing the registry that you simply cannot do with the GUI. In this article, I want to share with you 10 handy registry hacks for Windows XP and Vista.

1: Disable AutoPlay

I always find it a bit annoying to insert a TechNet CD and have Windows open Internet Explorer and display a bunch of information I don’t care about. I would rather just be able to navigate through the disc’s file system and go directly to what I need. Fortunately, it’s easy to create a registry setting that disables AutoPlay: (more…)

10 open source Windows apps worth checking out

Posted in Open source by dimazgyba on July 11, 2010

How many applications are out there in the wild that you’ve never heard of or tried? Even as a consultant, I come across them on a daily basis. With all those applications, it’s easy for some real gems get overlooked — including a lot of excellent open source tools.

I understand that most people associate open source with Linux. But there are quite a few solid applications for the Windows operating system, developed and maintained by the open source community. Oh sure, there’s OpenOffice and Firefox; but it doesn’t end there. I’m going to introduce you to 10 open source applications for Windows. You may never have heard of some of them or knew the port existed, but they’re definitely worth a look.

1: VLC

VLC is one of the most flexible multimedia players available. It supports a vast number of audio and video formats, including H.264, Ogg, DivX, MKV, TS, MPEG-2, mp3, MPEG-4, and aac, and it supports streaming and TV capture cards. VLC isn’t limited to viewing multimedia files, either. It can convert and transcode formats, too. (more…)

Recommended Plugins for WordPress

Posted in WORDPRESS by dimazgyba on July 4, 2010

WordPress offers tons of plugins which confuses the new user. Not just that but there are multiple plugins that serves the same purpose and have the same functions. Which one do you need to get the upper edge, we will cover it in this article. We are only mentioning the plugins that you need to start off your blog, so custom plugins will not be listed in this article, but you may find it being reviewed in our Plugins Category.

WordPress itself is a strong script, but it is the plugin that makes WordPress the best. How can you get them? You need to visit the Plugins Directory at WordPress.

Installing WordPress can be a little challenging for new users. Therefore we have written a comprehensive guide showing you three ways you can use to install a plugin. Check out our

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Every Blog

Akismet – comes installed with your WordPress by default. All you have to do is get an API Key to activate it. It prevents your blog from comment spam. Read our Akismet 101 Guide for All WordPress Users. (more…)

Wp Tips, How to Insert Ads within your Post Content in WordPress

Posted in WORDPRESS by dimazgyba on July 4, 2010

Have you seen blogs that has ads inside their post content? These ads are either after the first paragraph or the second paragraph in most cases. Most beginners wonder whether these sites insert ads manually when they write the content, or if there is a special code for this. It would seem extremely inefficient if one enters the code manually specially if you had to switch advertisers after one year and you have over 200 articles. This article will show you a snippet that will let you enter ads within the post content after the first paragraph. (more…)


Posted in life style by dimazgyba on July 2, 2010

bosan nonton one piece dari episode 1-100 saya ganti ke TV,,eits ada berita baru lagi ne..

heboh banget. konon kabarnya telah beredar video aril dan BCL..setelah diberitakan sebelumnya tersebarnya video mesra aril bersama pembawa acara gosip terkenal dan prensenter acara musik terkenal juga neh si peterporn dikabarkan lagi bergulat diatas ranjang dengan bunga citra lestari

uh beritanya gencar banget. Ibu rumah tangga, Anak-anak SMA, mahasiswa, tukang ojek bahkan pemulung pun nyimpen tuh video dihape.
Sampai segitunya, Ada juga yang jualan DVD ariel dengan artis2 lain selain luna dan cut tari

dengan bantuan mbah Google akhirnya saya temukan video mereka berdua!!
aril bcl (more…)