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Bookmark Plugins for WordPress, Owrking And Tested

Posted in tips, WORDPRESS by dimazgyba on September 17, 2010

plugin for wordpress, bookmark plugin and way to share and promoting your blog is easy with this sexy plugin

blog on your own hosting with wordpress you will get no more plugin. maybe this can help you all

anyone can acquire easy backlinks with social bookmarking .There are several websites with good pagerank those offering social bookmark service such as digg ,propeller ,stumble ,reddit ,global grind etc .I think we should add social bookmark buttons at the bottom or at the top of every article .This task can be done easily with several social bookmarking plugins available for wordpress.

i found you some good plugins those are easy to install and easy to configure

Sexy Bookmarks

It is the most popular bookmarking plugin developed by css reflex .Its design is quite different from others and attractive .



Sociofluid is another cool plugin and easy to use .You can place it either on top or on bottom of post .You can change the size of icons.



Bookmarkify is not only wordpress plugin but it can be used in  php anywhere .Nice plugin .You should try it .


Share and follow

share this post

Very good bookmarking plugin having several options i.e you can change the icon size ,you can show icons or text only ,you can add no follow relation  and more .



Addthis is a very useful plugin .It is an easy bookmark plugin with which you can also track your bookmarks by signingup on addthis .

add this

download :

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