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Photoshop Text Efect : Metal Efect Tutorial

Posted in photoshop, text effect by dimazgyba on October 30, 2010

Photoshop metal text effect. Image © 2010 Photoshop

this is the post after i watch my traffic stat, more come tio this blog with keyword Photoshop text effects tutorial, we will learn how to create the metal text effect, this efect you can found used to video game and other animated film. more step i’ll share you, but we will finished just a few moment, so be pationt. To create the metal texture itself and apply it to the text, we’ll be using a couple of layer styles, some filters, layer blend modes, and a clipping mask!

The final “metal text” effect.

Step 1: Create A New Document

Create a new Photoshop document by going up to the File menu in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen and choosing New, or press Ctrl+N (Win) / Command+N (Mac) on your keyboard for a faster shortcut: (more…)

Free wordpress seo Theme, Zeta WordPress Theme

Posted in WORDPRESS by dimazgyba on October 29, 2010

WordPress theme free, wp theme seo download free here from WP corner, Zeta wordpress theme just for you

nice layout and seo friendly without more load time, make your site load faster and get trafich

here the Features include:

* Subscription box at the top of the sidebar
* Social media icons on the outside of the design
* Featured post with slider on the home page
* Post thumbnails
* Banner integration
* Widget ready
* Popular article section

this is the screenshoot: (more…)

How to add Twitter Folow me Button on Your Home page

Posted in WORDPRESS by dimazgyba on October 29, 2010

twitter folow mesometimes you want your reader get information froom your tweet, just add this twitter follow button to your sidebar of your homepage

it’s easy step to do add twitter follow me button on sidebar, without any pkugin instalted

download the picture bellow, by right click on the image and save as: (more…)

Have Insomnia, Why You don’t Try this tip

Posted in life style, Uncategorized by dimazgyba on October 28, 2010

It’s happened to all of us. The night starts off innocently enough with a little gin and tonic, maybe a mojito, or you start feel boring with watching tv, much can to do to fight this insomnia, Maybe you can Phone Your Blog

1. Drink Warm Milk

Drinking warm milk 15 minutes before bed has been known to soothe your nervous system.

2. Take a Warm Bath (more…)

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Finding profitable keyword

Posted in online marketing by dimazgyba on October 22, 2010

GAKT Method

Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Log in if you have an account – and if you don’t have an account, create one now, or this will limit your results.

In the left sidebar, you will see categories. Simply click a category, and the main centre column will change to show you all the keywords in that category.

Click the Columns button at the top of the table, and add the column “Estimated Avg. CPC”. This will then show you how much advertisers are paying for these keywords. (more…) the Paid review that pay for 0 pagerank blog

Posted in online marketing by dimazgyba on October 22, 2010

Paid reviewsyou know this new PTR , this is fresh PTR or Paid To Review. It was called LinkFromBlog or we usually call LFB. Today, to get revenue from internet isn’t easy, because everyday always there are more internet marketting user. Especially for PTR Program, but don’y worry because there are new PTR Program.

<<Just Click Thiss picture

Blogs advertising give us more profit than other internet advertising company, for the example, when i activated this domain, i will get some bonus, why ? because i review the LinkFromBlog Program and there are many kind of profit which we can get when we have joined. And then if we tell LFB Staff about the bug, we will get bonus, too… it is great, isn’t it ?

To join this program you must follow all the rules that have been determined. If we obey the rules, may we will get bonus, because LFB also provide monthly bounuses from some bloggers.

i think this LinkFromBlog will grow up risen than others because it support most blogger language, you know that Indonesia is the most internet users, because it have 200 milion people that is a chance for businesman to sell their product and get more revenue (more…)

Kaspersky Key Free Update Oct, 22

Posted in kaspersky by dimazgyba on October 22, 2010

this post just for update the user of kaspersky key, logn time no post, because i busy to research about adsense and facebook, lot wasting my time make blogging be a boredom

now i share you new kaspersky update, kaspersky after long time no update this blog. i hope you enjoyed this kaspersky internet security update key. because i’m tired and get a sick of my work

this packet contain KIS and KAV free key, and more instruction

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Home Business center, get Your Ide Here

Posted in online marketing by dimazgyba on October 13, 2010

this post is about review one of the popular home business source ever. i think every have many purpose do blogging, more of them just to do business from home, try to get some money from website or other. i don’t care. more way to get much money. it’s easy for some people and hard for other. blogging, busines, seo that not easy way guys. you need trusted and capable source get what cool and nice info.

i recomended to you all this The home business center. every posting and article is so lively, i think this will make you visit more than 100 times per day. its so realistic and everything looks good in the article. The author describes his experience and its so nice that whenever he moves from one place to the other. They can give you tips and guide on what to do. Aside from asking help from friends try to read free tutorial at web articles. It is very helpful and I’m sure you will become successful in blogging. read the article in this website make you be motivated to be hard worker blogger.

nice layout and good looking theme, this is the visitor friendly website i had ever tell you in my posting. so why you just look and read this article, right click and open in new tab this The home of business center and get more info what you need.  be friend and ask everythink you need to know.

don’t forget to bookmark by pressing Ctrl+d and leave a comment

Make Your Blog Visitor Friendly

Posted in seo, tips by dimazgyba on October 8, 2010

Maybe you think only How to make Your blog SEO friendly (check this out the tutorial), have you ever think how to make you blog visitor friendly, think that guys if you want to get loyal visitor and increase your trafic. if your blog have a number of reguler visitors then its good to make them feel welcome and comfortable, by providing a number of features. the folowing are the features that you can use to conjure a visitor friendly felow blog or enchance your blog

Having a related topic in every post

This feature acts to keep your visitors not to go straight, that is by presenting a list of articles under the posts that have the same category with the article that he is / was read. (more…)

Saudi prince in Murder Case, Video

Posted in Uncategorized by dimazgyba on October 6, 2010

A prince from Saudi Arabia tangled murder case of a man at a hotel maid in London, England. Apart from being beaten to death, the maid alleged victim of sexual lust impingement defendant.
According to court in London, Tuesday, October 5, 2010, defendant named Prince Saud bin Nasser Abdulaziz al-Saud. The man was 34 was a nephew of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. Aides who are victims named Abdulaziz Airport. Aged 32 years, Abdulaziz is an orphan adopted by a wealthy family and worked to Saud in the last three years.
The report states that Abdulaziz court found in bed with injuries to the eyes, lips, teeth, ears, brain, neck, pungung, chest, and stomach. On his cheek there is also a bite mark, called the court as evidence of sexual coercion. (more…)