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sexy stats plugin, A new sexy statistic plugin for your wordpress blog

Posted in WORDPRESS by dimazgyba on October 2, 2010

sexy plugin and nice chart and point. Today i suprised with a new plugin on my dasboard, yup that my stat plugin. if you blog on your stat will change automatically

this is the screenshoot

it comes wiht nice modern chart, so if you have ipad or iphone and other modern browser it will be nice stuf for your website

according Each module can be opened and closed, moved, or hidden completely. If you don’t want to see a module, minimize it with one click or use the Screen Options to keep it out of sight. Customize everything and view stats the way you want to.

As you hover over each bar in the chart it changes color and displays a tooltip, giving you more information about the data. If the chart is showing data by day, Saturdays and Sundays have a light gray background to make it easier to see weekly patterns. Under the chart you’ll notice a new area, called “fortune cookies,” where we’ll highlight key stats.

so if you like this stuff, chek it out. just install and download here


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