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Posted in online marketing by dimazgyba on October 22, 2010

GAKT Method

Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Log in if you have an account – and if you don’t have an account, create one now, or this will limit your results.

In the left sidebar, you will see categories. Simply click a category, and the main centre column will change to show you all the keywords in that category.

Click the Columns button at the top of the table, and add the column “Estimated Avg. CPC”. This will then show you how much advertisers are paying for these keywords.You can go deeper into categories, as well as entering keywords at the top, and searching relevant countries and languages. Try to be broad with your searches… with Facebook, you never have to worry about ranking, so you will get top dollar for your clicks, and channel as much traffic as you like using the Heist method J

Pay attention to the number of searches a keyword gets (Global Monthly Search Volume) because you want a market that gets a lot of searches if possible. Couple this with your Facebook research – and find a demographic that is LASER targeted.

SpyFu Method

SpyFu have great features for researching Adsense keywords.

These top lists represent the most clicked and most valuable keywords on Adsense/Adwords.

You can find lots of great keywords that you can implement straight away in a blog and never have to worry about ranking, so they get clicks! Again, Facebook traffic and clicks are SAME DAY!

As an example, this list has got the highest cost per day keywords. On this list you can see sex and the city clothes. If you click on that keyword, you can see how many clicks it gets:


Over 60,000 clicks per day! So even though we can see that the cost per click is quite low – the market really does click the hell out of those keywords!

All you’d need to do is find a fan page for Sex and The City, and then create a quick blog for “Sex and The City Fashion” or similar…


According to the above research these guys love to click ads… so it’s your job to help them!


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