Black & White Notes the Paid review that pay for 0 pagerank blog

Posted in online marketing by dimazgyba on October 22, 2010

Paid reviewsyou know this new PTR , this is fresh PTR or Paid To Review. It was called LinkFromBlog or we usually call LFB. Today, to get revenue from internet isn’t easy, because everyday always there are more internet marketting user. Especially for PTR Program, but don’y worry because there are new PTR Program.

<<Just Click Thiss picture

Blogs advertising give us more profit than other internet advertising company, for the example, when i activated this domain, i will get some bonus, why ? because i review the LinkFromBlog Program and there are many kind of profit which we can get when we have joined. And then if we tell LFB Staff about the bug, we will get bonus, too… it is great, isn’t it ?

To join this program you must follow all the rules that have been determined. If we obey the rules, may we will get bonus, because LFB also provide monthly bounuses from some bloggers.

i think this LinkFromBlog will grow up risen than others because it support most blogger language, you know that Indonesia is the most internet users, because it have 200 milion people that is a chance for businesman to sell their product and get more revenue

this is not suck program like others that give higher criteria for acepted blog, just write review get the rating and after that you will get dolar free without worryng about google page rank and alexa rank
that’s big deal buddy…


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  1. Teylor said, on October 30, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Thank you. nice article….

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