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How To Remove New Facebook Photo Viewer

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on February 19, 2011

Facebook launched new feature, this week you can see on yours album, friend, or your family photo album give new look. This new photo album called TheaterBox, wich show all facebook photos In a pop-up window in huge black frames. This give more advantage such as that you don’t need to leave current position in the profile or news feed you are viewng by going to another page. How about others?or yourself? This feature might be annoyed to facebook users that used to use usual photo album page, because this is completely different photo viewing experience

In this post I will give simple step that can removed the annoying ltheaterbox featured. Here are simple instructions how to kill the “TheaterBox” pop-up window manually:

1.      Go to your browser’s address bar, remove &theater from the end of the URL and hit Enter.

After that you can see the album viewer back to normal

2.      Another way even easier solution is to just hit refresh (F5) and it’ll go away. Thanks for the tip, Cocos111!

If you don’t like that simple way, this bellow there are a few browser plugin and extension that automatically help you to remover the &theater

Google Chrome Extensions:

  • No Thanks, Theaterbox: here.
  • Facebook Lightbox Killer: here.

Mozilla Firefox Add-on:

  • Facebook Lightbox Killer here.

So, Happy Photo Viewing. Or click If you want to check how much time you spent facebook


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  1. Tito Cheriachan said, on February 21, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    google chrome plugin to remove facebook black album

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