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Make Your Own Business Card With Facebook For Free

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on January 14, 2012

"facebook contact card"

Make Your Own Business Card With Facebook For Free

With new update of facebook profile page design to timeline mode, you can get your own business card or personal contact card from facebook free. yes it’s free no need to pay, this free facebook contact card is present by (business card printing). that is cool, isn’t it? 😀

in this blog post i’ll show you step by step how to get your free facebook contact card that feature your Facebook Timeline cover, Name, Profession, Phone Number and  your Email address off course!

Each pack contains all your photos and cover each card will show your name, company or university where you live and your Facebook URL, phone number and e-mail address. Also on the back of the card is place for you to add your own quote or a sentence about yourself. By default we have in the first quote we find in your favorite quotes pull box, but you can edit them to say what you want

How To Make Facebook Contact Card Tutorial

sign up to your facebook account and access your timeline ( click here if you want to change old profile page with new facebook timeline)

"facebook contact card"

click about tab as you see in the picture bellow

in about page go to contact info tab, and click contact card icon. click on print card that appear when you click contact icon

"facebook contact card"

we will redirected to facebook security confirmation and chose allow to allow application got what it need

"facebook contact card"

after that we will go contact card design page to choose what the best design for your own business card. we can choose what image that will appear on contact card and you can change your contact detail such as telephone number and give some quote you want

"facebook contact card"

don’t forget to checklist all option just like picture bellow and go to next step

"facebook contact card"

"facebook contact card"

proceed to checkout to start order your facebook contact card

"facebook contact card"

next step just fill form like picture bellow

"facebook contact card"

fill address form and make sure everything is correct to get your own business card shipped to your home address

"facebook contact card"

here the confirmation from that tell you this contact card is free and when will it comes to your home

"facebook contact card"

"facebook contact card"

here video tutorial how to make facebook contact card that i got from

i hope this post can help you to get your own business card free from facebook, and if you have something to ask give your comment bellow buddy


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