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Get Cool Facebook Timeline Now, Make Your Old Profile Page Rock!!

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on January 14, 2012

how to change old profile facebook page to timeline mode

Get Cool Facebook Timeline Now, Make Your Profile Page Rock!!

this may be sound late, but i just want to share that facebook has change their user profile page design to timeline design.

this timeline will show to other user who visit your profile page just like blog design. you can check this awesome facebook timeline cover example and maybe you can create your own

how to change your old Facebook profile to timeline layout

first login to your account and go to timeline page (more…)

Make Your Own Business Card With Facebook For Free

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on January 14, 2012

"facebook contact card"

Make Your Own Business Card With Facebook For Free

With new update of facebook profile page design to timeline mode, you can get your own business card or personal contact card from facebook free.¬†yes it’s free no need to pay, this free facebook contact card is present by (business card printing). that is cool, isn’t it? ūüėÄ

in this blog post i’ll show you step by step how to get your free facebook contact card that¬†feature your Facebook Timeline cover, Name, Profession, Phone Number and ¬†your Email address off course!

Each pack contains all your photos and cover each card will show your name, company or university where you live and your Facebook URL, phone number and e-mail address. Also on the back of the card is place for you to add your own quote or a sentence about yourself. By default we have in the first quote we find in your favorite quotes pull box, but you can edit them to say what you want

How To Make Facebook Contact Card Tutorial

sign up to your facebook account and access your timeline ( click here if you want to change old profile page with new facebook timeline) (more…)

Facebook Launch Video Chat Feature Powered by skype

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on July 8, 2011
Image representing Skype as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

The new chat product, according to Facebook‚Äôs blog, will allow users to call their friends right from Facebook. The revamped chat system now includes a sidebar with ‚Äúthe people you message most.‚ÄĚ It automatically appears when your browser is big enough. (more…)

How to use facebok video chat

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on July 8, 2011

Facebook may be a bit frightened by the threat GooglePlus which he said would soon be launched to the public by the giant search-engine, “Google”. One of the features that exist in GooglePlus mainstay is the Hangout that allows its users to make video calls with several friends simultaneously.

facebook video chat

Perhaps because of this direct facebook add features to hold Skype video chat. To be able to do video chat on facebook, visit the following link: & do the setup. Each user must install the plugin first in order to bervideo chat with other users.

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Facebook Trick How Edit Your Comment Facebook

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on April 17, 2011

When Facebook removed the button “comment”, there was a clear risk of accidental publishing incomplete observations are accustomed users to press “Enter” to start a new line, and key comments. Facebook has taken note of concern, and adds the ability to modify the comment you just sent. They also added instructions: “Press Shift + Enter to start a new line.

remove comment on facebook

So if you want to change your message, click the X in the upper right corner, just after his announcement. But know that the editing capability disappears after half a minute or once a second comment after you. If this happens, press X does allow you to remove your entire message.

How To Remove New Facebook Photo Viewer

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on February 19, 2011

Facebook launched new feature, this week you can see on yours album, friend, or your family photo album give new look. This new photo album called TheaterBox, wich show all facebook photos In a pop-up window in huge black frames. This give more advantage such as that you don’t need to leave current position in the profile or news feed you are viewng by going to another page. How about others?or yourself? This feature might be annoyed to facebook users that used to use usual photo album page, because this is completely different photo viewing experience

In this post I will give simple step that can removed the annoying ltheaterbox featured. Here are simple instructions how to kill the ‚ÄúTheaterBox‚ÄĚ pop-up window manually: (more…)

How to check time you spent on facebook

Posted in Facebook by dimazgyba on February 19, 2011

More way to check time you spent on facebook, it can be with facebook aplication, or with sofftware that instaled on your desktop. in this post i will share you how to check time you spent on facebook by using browser plugin that called Facebook runner. this plugin can be usefull for those interested in keeping track of the time you (or family members, or colleagues) spend on Facebook.

this the feature on Facebook Runner

  • Displays and saves how much time you spend on Facebook and Internet.
  • Can be integrated to your Facebook page.
  • Saves timer values for continuing after browser restart.
  • Several timer resetting options: Daily, Every 7/30 Days, On Startup, Never and Manually.
  • Details page for viewing statistics like average time.
  • Timer view format can be shortened.
  • Supports English and Turkish languages.