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Create A Beatifull Facebook Icon With Photoshop

Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on March 24, 2011

long time no see all, sorry there is no update fo this blog for long time. This tutorial will help you How to create a facebook icon in Photoshop. many icon you can search on the web but why you wasting your time to found stuff that easy to made

create a facebook icon on photoshop just a simple as making coffe, believe it or not.. here we go

first step open your photoshop and create new document with the size of 500px X 500px and white background.


Photoshop Text Efect : Metal Efect Tutorial

Posted in photoshop, text effect by dimazgyba on October 30, 2010

Photoshop metal text effect. Image © 2010 Photoshop

this is the post after i watch my traffic stat, more come tio this blog with keyword Photoshop text effects tutorial, we will learn how to create the metal text effect, this efect you can found used to video game and other animated film. more step i’ll share you, but we will finished just a few moment, so be pationt. To create the metal texture itself and apply it to the text, we’ll be using a couple of layer styles, some filters, layer blend modes, and a clipping mask!

The final “metal text” effect.

Step 1: Create A New Document

Create a new Photoshop document by going up to the File menu in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen and choosing New, or press Ctrl+N (Win) / Command+N (Mac) on your keyboard for a faster shortcut: (more…)

Cartoon Effect – Create cartoons from your pictures.

Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on June 1, 2010

today the weather is to hot, everything make me crazy but i want to share some stuf tutorial here, glad you happy. ok lets star soon, have tou thing that create a cartoon image is hard in photoshop??? no that is very simple . here we go

Original Image (click to enlarge) Cartoon Effect (click to enlarge)

Step1: Open up Photoshop and create a new image Width: 640, Height: 480 pixels. This will change depending on your original image size. Copy  (Right click and Copy) and paste (CTRL+V)  the image into Photoshop. With the image pasted into Photoshop press CTRL+J to duplicate the layer. You should have three layers now the original Background layer and two of the same layers. Something like I have below (more…)

Photoshop efect : Metal Text Tutorial

Posted in text effect by dimazgyba on May 21, 2010

We’re going to try to get a really metallic chrome effect on our text, using curves and other features in Photoshop. Start off with a large canvas, the larger the better – I’m using 800×800. Make some text and have it a light-medium grey, in the example I’ll use #B3B3B3.

  1. Start off by using a nice big bevel and emboss with settings similar to these. As usual, the size should be suitable for the size of the image; try to make it look like the example.
  2. Now we need to rasterize our layer. Create a new layer by pressing ctrl/cmd + shift + N, then link the new layer with the text layer, and press ctrl/cmd + E to merge it. This will rasterize our text layer.
    Now we need to adjust the image using curves – press ctrl/cmd + M to open the curves menu, then enter a nice even zig zag, as shown here. (more…)


Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on September 13, 2009

Dari postingan sebelumnya, yaitu tentang teknik silhoutte, sekarang kita akan mencoba dan mengaplikasikan teknik ini dengan photoshop

1. Pilih Foto yang akan di jadikan silhouette.
Saya akan pilih foto yang satu ini :


Teknik Silhouette

Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on September 12, 2009

tahukah anda apa itu teknik silhouette?, saya rasa tidak semua kita tahu, namun ada yang pernah menggunakanya tapi tidak tahu namanya, ada yang pernah melihat sengaja atau tidak.

untuk memperdalam pengetahuan kita sekarang saya akan mengajak anda berkenalan dengan teknik silhoutte

Istilah silhouette berasal dari  nama seorang Menteri keuangan Perancis yaitu Etienne de Silhouette,yang pernah mengalami krisis finansial parah di masa Perang 7 tahun yang pernah melanda Perancis. (more…)

Photo In a Box

Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on September 7, 2009

TIPS OF THE DAY : CTRL +E fungsinya menggabungkan dua layer ( layer atas ke layer bawahnya)

Sekarang saya coba buat Photo berbentuk Kubus.. idenya sih dari permainan kubus Rubik yang sangat susah itu lho.. kalo ada yang bisa permainan ini boleh share sama saya… hehehe.. pengen banget bisa nih.. Kalo satu atau 2 sisi doang sih bisa..hayah..

Kembali ke tutorial.. !

Buat dokumen dengan ukuran 400px x 400px resolusi 72 aja.. kalo mau bikin besar juga gpp.. terserah aja.. ini cuman contoh aja..

photo in a box 1

Pertama kita buat template untuk Box nya..

Buat kotak dengan rectangle marquee tool.. sambil tekan tombol SHIFT yaa.. (more…)

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