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Magic Formula for a One Hour Top Ranking

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on May 5, 2010

Here’s my magic formula for a one hour top ranking:

A.) Get the .com version of a three to four word keyword as the domain name (dashes are fine.)

B.) Use the domain name as the page heading in a bolded font, slightly larger than the paragraph text.

C.) Write 400 words of natural sounding text using the keyword up to five times.

D.) Mention the keyword once in the first sentence and once in the final sentence of the page – then up to three times scattered throughout the remainder.

E.) Bold one instance of the keyword. Italicize one instance of the keyword. Use one instance of the keyword as a link back to the same page.

F.) Always fill in your Title, Description and Keywords META tags. That’s it.

Good luck and take care!

SEO TIPS TODAY, 8 Things Bing Won’t Tell You

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on May 5, 2010

Every major search engine provides hints and tips about how to optimize your pages for improved rankings on their sites. But when you read these guidelines you quickly see that most of it is just their own wish list. Things like ‘Write for humans not search engine bots – or – do not hide keywords with a font matching the background color.’ It is all good advice but kind of general and already well known (for the past decade.)

But there are always things a search engine will not tell you. And, of course, these are the things that make all the difference in your SEO efforts and results. That said; here are eight things that Bing does not want you to know (or you can skip to the Magic Formula section here): (more…)

SEO, 18 Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on April 29, 2010

Proper Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, has quickly become a popular topic of conversation among website owners and entrepreneurs. The difference between having a successful website, and hosting a flop, is often the difference between whether or not you’ve incorporated proper keywords and phrases into your webpages.

Learning proper SEO techniques can seem like a daunting task, especially to those who are not familiar with the concept. The following list offers 18 simple SEO techniques you should keep in mind when developing and marketing your website.

1. Make sure your website is initially designed with your search engine optimization needs in mind. Search engines look for text, not flashy graphics and cool layouts. The trendiest web designs will mean nothing if no one is able to find your site.

Ranking Analysis – How to Look Beyond What Is or Isn’t Ranking

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on April 22, 2010

Website owners and managers will always be fascinated with how well they rank on search engines. However, rankings can be deceiving because they only provide a small part of the data set anyone will need to gauge online success.

Who wouldn’t like to be No. 1 on Google for an organic listing? Among the busy array of results (including paid ads and local search), a top ranking still shines. It shouts: “I climbed the mountain and beat out the other guy.”

But did you? (more…)


Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on September 13, 2009

Dari postingan sebelumnya, yaitu tentang teknik silhoutte, sekarang kita akan mencoba dan mengaplikasikan teknik ini dengan photoshop

1. Pilih Foto yang akan di jadikan silhouette.
Saya akan pilih foto yang satu ini :


Teknik Silhouette

Posted in photoshop by dimazgyba on September 12, 2009

tahukah anda apa itu teknik silhouette?, saya rasa tidak semua kita tahu, namun ada yang pernah menggunakanya tapi tidak tahu namanya, ada yang pernah melihat sengaja atau tidak.

untuk memperdalam pengetahuan kita sekarang saya akan mengajak anda berkenalan dengan teknik silhoutte

Istilah silhouette berasal dari  nama seorang Menteri keuangan Perancis yaitu Etienne de Silhouette,yang pernah mengalami krisis finansial parah di masa Perang 7 tahun yang pernah melanda Perancis. (more…)


Posted in KULIAH dan TUGAS by dimazgyba on June 7, 2009

Cybercrime adalah perbuatan melawan hukum yang dilakukan memakai,computer sebagai sarana/alat atau komputer sebagai objek, baik untuk memperoleh keuntungan ataupun tidak, dengan merugikan pihak lain. Kejahatan yang berhubungan erat dengan penggunaan teknologi yang berbasis utama komputer dan jaringan telekomunikasi ini dalam beberapa literatur dan prakteknya dikelompokan dalam beberapa bentuk, antara lain: (more…)