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interior and photo 2014 kia forte, More Bang for Your Buck

Posted in affordable small car by dimazgyba on July 5, 2013

The 2014 Kia Forte won me over with it’s handsome looks and amazing value. I purchased the LX model with the Popular Package. The Popular Package raised the price by $1000 but provided a host of aesthetic and a few minor functional improvements that more than justified the increase. Favorite items from the package are the LED lights above the headlights and the upgrade to 16″ tires and rims.¬†When I shop for a vehicle I aim for the best array of features at the lowest possible price in a package that has some curb appeal to me.


The exterior of 2014 kia forte is ridiculously refined looking for a car in this price class. The higher trim levels offered larger rims and additional tail LEDS as well as motorized exterior mirrors but this version captured most of the good looks of the EX model without the big price jump. The interior is not as striking aesthetically as the exterior but it is well thought out and has a couple of highlights. I was very impressed with the instrument cluster. The center digital display is very simple but it was color matched to the low tech analog displays on either side of it (tach and speedo). The end result gives a very uniform and appealing appearance. The other highlight for me was the instant mpg reading in the digital display. This is the first vehicle I have had with this item and it has immediately caused me to lessen some of the lead in my foot as I guiltily look at my mpg dropping every time I drive aggressively. This is not a performance vehicle. That is not to say that it is unpleasant. I actually enjoy driving this vehicle and I find the ride to be smooth and confident but it is not as sporty as some other vehicles in its class. This is also the first vehicle I have owned with electric steering and at this trim level I didn’t get the multiple modes mentioned in most of the reviews. The steering is starting to grow on me and I think it is a smart bit of technology but it is a bit like driving with a video game racing wheel. Some of the feedback and dynamics of hydraulic steering are just not present. In conclusion I have felt that I have gotten way more than my money’s worth. I have people compliment my vehicles looks and they are shocked at how low the price was in comparison to the features and styling. If you can afford the higher trim level and it’s multitude of additional features then go for it. If you are like me and need to limit your budget then you can’t go wrong with the LX trim but treat yourself to the features of the Popular Package.

The outside body design of 2014 kia forte is sharp with distinctive styling, particularly its tail lamps and running lights, and HID headlights. The six-speed automatic transmission works seamlessly. I am impressed by the interior 2014 kia forte styling with its soft-touch dashboard and carbon fiber pattern around the center console and the 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat with two memory positions, combined with the LCD screen with a trip computer and vehicle settings sits between the gauges, and a number of other luxury options uncommon to the compact car segment. It makes me wonder if I’m really not driving a luxury class car. I love having the Rear Display Camera when I shift the car into reverse. The car is much quieter than I have experienced in all other cars in its class. The Dual-zone automatic climate control, Flex Steering, large touch high-resolution display screen Navigation System and voice commands for most all Forte functions, and Forte’s Bluetooth pairing system make it a pleasure to drive