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Kaspersky Key Free Update Oct, 22

Posted in kaspersky by dimazgyba on October 22, 2010

this post just for update the user of kaspersky key, logn time no post, because i busy to research about adsense and facebook, lot wasting my time make blogging be a boredom

now i share you new kaspersky update, kaspersky after long time no update this blog. i hope you enjoyed this kaspersky internet security update key. because i’m tired and get a sick of my work

this packet contain KIS and KAV free key, and more instruction

just check out this key free download today



Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, Reset Your Trial Licence

Posted in tips by dimazgyba on October 5, 2010

i share you good information again guys, this post about How to get your Kaspersky Internet security be active everymonth, you wil not to wory about your key (the kaspersky 2011 key update 29 september available) , about blacklist and about cracker that filled by worm

i done this to my kaspersky just everymonth and after the trial licence expired

here we go guys:

first you must download the kaspersky trial reseter here

go to your Kaspersky application setting