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Saudi prince in Murder Case, Video

Posted in Uncategorized by dimazgyba on October 6, 2010

A prince from Saudi Arabia tangled murder case of a man at a hotel maid in London, England. Apart from being beaten to death, the maid alleged victim of sexual lust impingement defendant.
According to court in London, Tuesday, October 5, 2010, defendant named Prince Saud bin Nasser Abdulaziz al-Saud. The man was 34 was a nephew of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. Aides who are victims named Abdulaziz Airport. Aged 32 years, Abdulaziz is an orphan adopted by a wealthy family and worked to Saud in the last three years.
The report states that Abdulaziz court found in bed with injuries to the eyes, lips, teeth, ears, brain, neck, pungung, chest, and stomach. On his cheek there is also a bite mark, called the court as evidence of sexual coercion. (more…)