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BMW revealed the 2013 BMW X5 EDrive Concept ahead

Posted in affordable small car by dimazgyba on September 20, 2013

on its public debut This BMW 2013 BMW X5 EDrive developed plug-in hybrid powertrain looks quite promising: it maintains the xDrive AWD system’s torque split ability to all four wheels even when running in hybrid or full electric mode.

2013 BMW X5 EDrive

The looks of the X5 eDrive concept are quite masculine and performance-focused, in contrast to the most likely buyers of fuel-sipping family cars. More of the original X5’s broad stance is visible in these press images, showing off the shrouded and super-aerodynamic 21-inch wheels front and rear. The spiffy performance tires and wheel setup is quite unusual for an economy-focused model of any kind, but they certainly help the BMW X5 eDrive look cooler and even more unique than the previous X5 M.

The X5 eDrive mirrors some of the more interesting elements of the BMW i range, including the blue-tinted chrome accents to the grille bar and blue accent lines in the lower bumpers. A blue-trimmed charge port door is prominently mounted on the front fender – looking quite nice with the fender vent of this concept. (more…)