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Make Your Blog Visitor Friendly

Posted in seo, tips by dimazgyba on October 8, 2010

Maybe you think only How to make Your blog SEO friendly (check this out the tutorial), have you ever think how to make you blog visitor friendly, think that guys if you want to get loyal visitor and increase your trafic. if your blog have a number of reguler visitors then its good to make them feel welcome and comfortable, by providing a number of features. the folowing are the features that you can use to conjure a visitor friendly felow blog or enchance your blog

Having a related topic in every post

This feature acts to keep your visitors not to go straight, that is by presenting a list of articles under the posts that have the same category with the article that he is / was read. (more…)

Top Highly Paying Adsense Keyword 2010

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on October 3, 2010

i’m tired with this topic, you know why? i know bloging three years ago. that because i get task for my study. after searching in google, read more tutorial there is thing that make me interested on blogging. yes that is Adsense, as you know Adsense is the pay per click (PPC) program froom google. not just adsense, there are more program like that, froom the highest paying till the such program that no paying for every clicked on their advert on your site. that was only suck….

i give you free, just for free adsense keyword, adsense top paying keyword september 2010

i will give advice for all of you newbie blogger. that you will get no money and just get tired of al if you do bloging just for money that not make you richest. fill your site with good content and stay update to get loyal reader. that maybe help you. this suck and fuck for one who started first. i hate that very well because i never found a original content for all of my question

now i just do blogging for my hoobby, blame my hope to get free dolar froom internet. it just suck,,suck and suck for top paying Adsense Keyword

for example, you browsing and get information like below

Top Paying Adsense Keyword September 2010

581 mesothelioma $18.77
16268 laser hair removal nyc $16.10
12611 recruiting software $16.00
18280 staffing software $15.00
19489 truck accident lawyer $15.00
4415 may $13.31
16065 applicant tracking $13.05
14495 pleural mesothelioma $12.09
18350 mesothelioma diagnosis $11.20
10671 ortho evra $11.10 (more…)

Windows Live Outsources Blogging Migrating Their 30 Milions Users To

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on September 28, 2010

Just to say welcome!

You know the Windows Live Spaces, that a a blogging service for Windows Live users. Today the service is headed in a new direction: Microsoft has teamed with Automattic, the company behind, to transition its users over to the popular hosted blogging platform

that a god news for all bloger that using wordpress as their platform, and also bad news for rival such

according to Microsoft says that it decided that instead of building its own competing blogging service, it should go with WordPress’s fleshed-out feature set, which has 26 million users and powers over 8.5% of sites across the web. Users will be migrated through a process that preserves all of their content, and will automatically redirect visitors who head to their existing Microsoft Live Spaces sites.

Users will have a few choices when they hit the transition page: in addition to transferring their content to WordPress, they can also opt to download and store it locally, delete it entirely, or put off their decision for a while). But Microsoft is going to be killing off the existing Spaces product in six months, so they users won’t be able to put off the decision indefinitely. When Live users go to establish a new blog, they’ll be directed to a WordPress signup screen.

Another feature launching as part of the partnership is the ability to connect blogs to Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger. The feature is pretty straightforward: publish a new post on your WordPress blog, and Messenger will send notifications to your friends’ feeds

that is also shortes way for increase your trafic

5 Simple Seo Tips For Great Search Engine Results

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on September 17, 2010

i have wrote the big ways for you wins in seo comptetition on

WordPress SEO The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For Your Blog

Just a quick tips to help improve your websites ranking in the search engines,

below I’ve jotted down 5 basic seo tips that are often overlooked by many websites

Check your website and make sure you doing these few simple steps for best results

within the serps.

1) Ensure your website page titles state what you do or what you provide, it should

contain the first few words a customer would type into a search engine (keywords)
when looking for your product or service. Create a unique title for every page in your

Good Page Title “Healthy Treats For Kids”
Bad Page Title “The Sweet Shop”


Pilihan Bisnis Online PPC yang bayaran Besar

Posted in online marketing, seo by dimazgyba on May 23, 2010

branchr_affiliate_320x250.jpgPilihan Bisnis Online PPC yang bayaran Besar. Sepertinya sudah cukup lama blog webmaster informations tidak membahas tentang program bisnis online yang dapat kita jadikan sebagai sumber pendapatan di internet untuk biaya sewa server hosting bagus dan domain murah sisanya buat beli rokok.

Banyakprogram PPC yang di dunia maya ini dari yang bayaran kecil sampai yang bayaran besar dan dari yang jujur sampai yang scam. Mana saja yang sudah anda ikuti? tentu saja jawaban selain dari GA.

Kali ini webmaster informations akan membagikan sedikit informasi mengenai cara cari duit di internet denganprogram PPC yang bayaran lumayan besar. Branchr adalah yang saya maksud, untuk setiap iklan yang di tanyang kan dan untuk setiap klik, kita di bayar $0.05 USD dan yang lebih asiknya lagi, program PPC dari Branchr TOS nya cukup longgar sehingga kita bisa modif kode iklan yang mereka berikan, malah mereka menawarkan API key untuk iklan yang akan mereka tanyangkan.

Nah jika anda punya blog atau website atau punya akun di facebook, silahkan saja anda join di Branchr. Percuma toh kalau punya website tapi gak bisa menghasilkan uang sepersenpun, malah harus nombok buat biaya sewa server hosting bagus dan domain murah

Klik Disini Untuk Join Ke Branchr

Magic Formula for a One Hour Top Ranking

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on May 5, 2010

Here’s my magic formula for a one hour top ranking:

A.) Get the .com version of a three to four word keyword as the domain name (dashes are fine.)

B.) Use the domain name as the page heading in a bolded font, slightly larger than the paragraph text.

C.) Write 400 words of natural sounding text using the keyword up to five times.

D.) Mention the keyword once in the first sentence and once in the final sentence of the page – then up to three times scattered throughout the remainder.

E.) Bold one instance of the keyword. Italicize one instance of the keyword. Use one instance of the keyword as a link back to the same page.

F.) Always fill in your Title, Description and Keywords META tags. That’s it.

Good luck and take care!

SEO TIPS TODAY, 8 Things Bing Won’t Tell You

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on May 5, 2010

Every major search engine provides hints and tips about how to optimize your pages for improved rankings on their sites. But when you read these guidelines you quickly see that most of it is just their own wish list. Things like ‘Write for humans not search engine bots – or – do not hide keywords with a font matching the background color.’ It is all good advice but kind of general and already well known (for the past decade.)

But there are always things a search engine will not tell you. And, of course, these are the things that make all the difference in your SEO efforts and results. That said; here are eight things that Bing does not want you to know (or you can skip to the Magic Formula section here): (more…)

The ruling attendant steams before the infinite disguise.

Posted in online marketing, seo by dimazgyba on April 30, 2010

this is my first word, to claim that i folow a payperpost…i hope i can write

SEO, 18 Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Posted in seo by dimazgyba on April 29, 2010

Proper Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, has quickly become a popular topic of conversation among website owners and entrepreneurs. The difference between having a successful website, and hosting a flop, is often the difference between whether or not you’ve incorporated proper keywords and phrases into your webpages.

Learning proper SEO techniques can seem like a daunting task, especially to those who are not familiar with the concept. The following list offers 18 simple SEO techniques you should keep in mind when developing and marketing your website.

1. Make sure your website is initially designed with your search engine optimization needs in mind. Search engines look for text, not flashy graphics and cool layouts. The trendiest web designs will mean nothing if no one is able to find your site.