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Tips and Trick Group Photography and Beutiful Example

Posted in photography tips by dimazgyba on October 2, 2010
group photographs are the perfect testimonials of age and experience. You will want to tell yourself you have live the best moments in life in the future therefore do not commit a corny group photographs. Instead of looking fun and young, it might look bored as dough. Therefore we are here to share some awesome group photographs that can give you inspiration on how to make a memorable group photo

tips to better Group Photography

1. Routine to Break

Most of the group photograph I see down the line looks somewhat the same. They are all lack creativity because most photographers tend to follow a basic rule of just setting a group of people, standing stick still in front of the camera, count to 3, and press the shutter. The trick for capturing amazing group photographs is to break these photography rules. We all have a mind that has infinite creativity. Utilize it, be sure to throw yourself out of the comfort zone and be spontaneous. The outcome may surprise you.

2. Good Timming

A good timing is absolutely necessary for a good photograph. By saying good timing, I am not only emphasizing on suitable time of the day to take photographs, but also the correct timing to press the shutter release button. Having a good grasp on a correct timing to shoot a picture will reduce your efforts of taking multiple shots for the same thing in the chase of that “perfect shot”
3. Noticed about Light

Lights are everything, period. Light is actually the ultimate factor in photography. Any good or awesome pictures are determined by skillful lighting control. And that’s exactly what a photographer might lack of. Here are some tips on how to use lights effectively:

  • Make sure everything is brightly lit and there is no shadow overlay on any of the faces.
  • If possible, use strobe lights. They always give better results
  • Ever thought of reflection while considering lights?

4. Background Matters

In photography, background is as important as the subject itself. A photograph taken with the same subject in a field could sometimes result better than taking it in a closed room. Although it is subjective, changing backgrounds often results in better photographs. Take your family or group outside. Try photographing in a field or any open space where you can also use the larger surface area rather than just shooting in a room or a studio. Plus you will also have the benefit of natural lights 🙂

5. Don’t stick to the ground

Perspective is what gives a photograph an edge over thousands of others. Want to take an edgy group photograph? Just don’t stick to the ground. By that I don’t mean that you should try out to anti-gravity, but just change your perspective. Take a group photograph from the second floor of a building while making your buddies stand on the ground. Alternatively, go down on your knees and shoot straight up! Use your imagination and just stay away from the ground.

Beautiful Examples of Group Photo


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